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Touch screen evaluation device

1, 7 inch LCD display with capacitive touch function;
a, 7 inch LCD high bright screen, 800 * 480 resolution.26 million color TFT True color digital LCD touch screen,with excellent and exquisite display, display content rich and clear.
b, capacitive multi touch, convenient customer selection keys, the contents of the input and other interactive features, fast and efficient.
c: In response, touch screen operation, customer evaluation operation through the virtual button touch screen; do not respond to touch screen operation, the customer can evaluate the operation through the physical key expansion.
d: can receive physical terminal, applicable to the banking system or no computer window

2. Support for audio and video playback
a: Cotex-A8 high-performance processor, clocked at up to 1GHz, with 512MB cache, 4G memory, multimedia performance
b:Support for audio and video playback, such as WMV, MP4, WMA and other formats, support for H.264 video decoding, can smooth playback 480P (DVD grade) high-definition video

3:Management Software
Support customer installation evaluate applications APP, functionality can be achieved:
a: Background configuration of systems management software, the flexibility to edit the advertising content and process, can be used alone or mixed picture and video media player
b:Using B / S architecture design approach allows authorized management personnel within the network nodes to manage any information. TCP / IP network protocol for communication, built-in WiFi wireless communication module, without laying communication lines, so that the counter or desktop cleaner, using the occasion to accommodate more requirements.
c:Using SQL Server database, support for remote operation

4: Android 4.0 operating system
Built-in Android 4.0 embedded operating system, an open data interface with any system of convergence for large customers or typical applications, software applications can be customized according to user needs development

5:Wide viewing angle screen
a:Terminal beautiful shape, design intentions, to adapt to different situations
b:Support SD card, support USB 2.0, built-in speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack

6: User-friendly operation
a: Evaluation System Client using virtual touch keys, when users invite customers to evaluate, the customer can make the evaluation by the virtual touch keys. Client software through the acquisition of key events virtual touch keys, customers get the evaluation results
b:Unique evaluation level management, customizable rating (traditional 3 or 5), if you press the wrong one,can return to the previous menu re-operation
c:Can be separately departments, positions, staff management


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